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Maintaining frizzy curls is a tough job, as we all know. So this mask is an upgraded version of our best-selling “Herbal Hair Mask” by adding extra amounts of the ingredients, like Hibiscus flowers and Aloe Vera, to provide deep conditioning and enhance the overall health of your curls, which are dulled by the hectic CG routine. If you want to give herbal nourishment to your curls, which are taking too many chemicals following the CG routine, then this mask is for you.

Ingredients: Aloe vera Hibiscus flowers, Moringa leaves, Amla, Aloe vera, Curry leaves, Hibiscus leaf, Vettiver, Vasambu, Henna leaves, Bhringaraj, and other herbs.

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How to Use :
1) Mix this mask powder with water and make it into a loose paste. (Loose paste is easier to apply to your curls and is also easier to rinse away.)
2) Keep the mixture in water for 5 minutes to allow the leaves to soak. Add more water if needed to make a loose paste.
3) Apply to the scalp and hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse off the mask before the powder dries on your curls.
(If you’re prone to getting cold, minimise the time.)
4) Rinse well while taking a bath with water. Don’t use shampoo to remove the mask, as there is no herbal effect on the hair if shampoo is used to cleanse the mask.
5) Enjoy the chill and smooth texture of your curls after bathing.

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